Kylie Taylor & 邱瓦莱丽

Kylie Taylor & 邱瓦莱丽

在2002年,以前的学生瓦莱丽邱(1987)和她的朋友凯莉·泰勒,建立了一个慈善机构,以协助柬埔寨的一家孤儿院。瓦莱丽说, “在我们的庇护和保护生命,我们没有概念,横跨半个世界同龄的孩子因为美国是具有机关枪塞进自己的武器和训练有素的压迫红色高棉政权杀死......但直到我们采取了节日柬埔寨在2002年,我们来到面对面与历史上的这一悲惨的时期六月...柬埔寨是最贫穷的国家在世界上的400万个地雷仍躺在地上,意思是截肢者和残疾人是一个常见的景象之一。”

Kylie and I decided that we wanted to create a self-sustaining business model that would continue to generate an income for the orphanage so we decided to create a clothing and homewares label, Taylor & Khoo, that would donate 100 percent of profits to the orphanage.

On their return to 澳大利亚 in 2002 Valerie and Kylie set out to make their idea work. In a very short time they established the Taylor & Khoo store in Sydney with donations from corporations.



Taylor & Khoo achieved what it set out to do. It was a unique fashion and homewares label that provided employment and opportunity for people in poverty in Cambodia and supported the needs of about 120 orphan children at the Sunrise Angkor Children’s Village in Siem Reap.

Over four years, the Taylor & Khoo venture created a high level of awareness and demand for Cambodian silk, fashion and homewares; created income generation opportunities for some of the most needy in Cambodia; and helped them to improve their design and production capabilities. It also created a high level of awareness of the needs of the children at the Sunrise Angkor Children’s Village in Siem Reap and was a flagship for many fundraising efforts for the orphanage.